2018 Varsity Football Schedule & Results

Last updated 9/16/18 - Subject to change

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
8/25 3:00PM Pleasantville HGHS Contest Field Scrimmage
8/31 7:00PM Fox Lane‎ HGHS Contest Field L 34-22
9/7 7:00 PM Brewster HGHS Contest Field L 13-0
9/14 7:00 PM Walter Panas HGHS Contest Field L 28-14 Homecoming
9/22 1:30 PM Eastchester Eastchester HS
9/29 6:00 PM John Jay - Cross River John Jay - Cross River HS
10/5 7:00 PM Somers Somers HS


Head Coach: Joe Kearns

Sport(s) Coached Varsity Football and Baseball (assistant)
Coached at Greeley since… Fall of 2001
Family Info I live in Sleepy Hollow with my Family.
Athletic Background I played Football and Baseball in High school and Rugby and Baseball in College
Why did you decide to coach sports?  I love what athletics can do for a young person and I wanted to be a part of it.
What is the most rewarding / fun thing for you about coaching? Spending time at practice with the players and getting to know and watching them improve.
Fun fact you would like to share My three sisters and I all graduated from HGHS.  I finished in 1996

Coach: Frank Bucci

Sport(s) Coached JV Football
Coached at Greeley since… 2014
Family Info Married with two Children: Jackie (9) and Max(7)
Athletic Background Played baseball and Football at Iona Prep, lettered in Football for four years at Pace University, two-year captain (WR/TE)
Why did you decide to coach sports? Always loved the game with a passion.  Love passing on my knowledge to others.
What is the most rewarding / fun thing for you about coaching? The camaraderie that comes with a long season, the memories that the team will always have and share long after high school.
Fun fact you would like to share I am a technology teacher at Peekskill Middle School.

Coach: Michael Filice

Sport(s) Coached Baseball and Football
Coached at Greeley since… 2013
Athletic Background I played 4 years of baseball, 2 at Dean College and 2 at Assumption College, and I played football and baseball at John Jay Cross River.
Why did you decide to coach sports? Love coaching kids the game and get enjoyment seeing a players succeed from what I taught them.
What is the most rewarding / fun thing for you about coaching? Sharing a bond with a player and then seeing him grow throughout the years, as well as being able to see players that I had on the freshman level now on the Varsity level is great.

Coach: Chuck McKenna

Sport(s) Coached Football and Winter Track
Coached at Greeley since… 2002
Family Info Married with two daughters who graduated from HG.
Athletic Background Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track in High school and Baseball in college.
Why did you decide to coach sports? I was a coach before I became a teacher.  The field is my classroom, many of my early athletes stayed in school because of sports.  Sports are an integral part of being an all-around student.
What is the most rewarding / fun thing for you about coaching? Seeing growth, watching a student who is not very athletic but works hard and becomes an important part of the team
Fun fact you would like to share I teach at Greeley and coach three sports at Seven Bridges.

2017 Varsity Football Roster

Head Coach: Joe Kearns
Assistant Coaches: Art Bonifati, Russ Schum

# Name Position(s) Year Height Weight
1 Noah Brail WR/DB Sr 5’ 9” 145
3 Jeremiah LaDuca WR/DB Sr 5’ 11” 150
5 Danny Meringolo WR/LB/P So 6’ 3” 180
6 Jacob Rose WR/DB Jr 5’ 7” 135
7 Ryan Flanagan* QB/SS Sr 5’ 10” 170
8 Samad Ashraf QB Sr 5’ 8” 150
11 Zach David WR/DB Jr 6’ 1” 180
13 Matthew Dinaburg WR/K Sr 5’ 10” 161
14 Seth Brail QB So 6’ 1” 160
15 Andreas Savvides WR/S Sr 5’ 11” 175
16 Matt Silverman WR/S Sr 5’ 8” 152
17 Raymond North FB/DB Jr 5’ 11” 160
19 Andreas Gukeisen WR/DE Jr 6’ 2” 160
20 Max Handwerger LB/K Sr 5’ 11” 155
21 Clay Dealy WR/DB Jr 6’ 2” 155
22 Matthew Nagler* RB/DB Sr 5’ 6” 165
23 Thomas Brennan RB/K So 5’ 10” 160
24 Jacob Negroni WR/DB Jr 5’ 9” 140
25 Max Brickman WR/DB Jr 5’ 9” 160
27 Ethan Samkoff RB/S Jr 5’ 7” 150
32 Luke Smith WR/S Jr 5’ 9” 151
33 Mac Yavner FB/LB Jr 6’ 180
34 Garrett Katchis FB/LB Sr 5’ 8” 173
41 Drew Kreisler DB/S Jr 5’ 10” 175
45 Zachary Lampe WR/DB Sr 5’ 8” 145
50 Daniel Merker T/DT Jr 5’ 11” 235
52 Nathan Platt T/DE Jr 6’ 2” 210
53 Scott O'Shea C/LB Sr 5’ 9” 155
54 Reed Cohen* C/LB Sr 6’ 225
55 Ryan Gordon G/DT Sr 6’ 2” 230
56 James Clendenin LB Sr 5’ 10” 165
56 Spencer Gautney G/DT Jr 5’ 11” 190
60 Jake Rappa T/DT Sr 6’ 2” 220
63 Jonathan Prober G/DT Sr 5’ 10” 175
64 Brendan Meyler DE/LB Sr 5’ 9” 195
66 Morgan Cao DT/DE Jr 6’ 1” 225
70 Sean Dowd C/DT Jr 5’ 11” 210
72 Alex Chin G/DT Sr 5’ 11” 250
75 Max de Janosi T/DE Sr 6’ 3” 185
76 Kevin Klein G/DE Jr 6’ 180
77 Hayden Schinderman* T/DT Sr 6’ 4” 245
86 Ian Dayan WR/S Sr 6’ 160

* - Captains

September 2017: Football Comes Up Short In First Ever Friday Night Lights Game
by Matty Wasserman '21
A large crowd was in attendance on Friday, September 8 as the Greeley Quakers took on the Carmel Rams under the lights at the brand-new Contest field. Before the game, Greeley hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opening up the turf field. Additionally, former athletic director Pete Kuczma, who held the position for 19 years, was honored at the game.

After an early touchdown by Carmel, Greeley RB Matthew Nagler ran for a 73 yard touchdown to put the Quakers on the board, to cut the Carmel lead to 7-6. The highlights would continue for Nagler, who intercepted a pass at the end of the first quarter. After a 37 yard completion from Ryan Flanagan to Jacob Rose, it appeared Greeley was mounting a comeback. However, the Rams defense proved to be tough, as did Carmel’s star running back Nicholas Heis. The Quakers fought hard to the end, but Carmel was the stronger team on Friday, taking the game 40-6.

Football will be back in action Saturday, September 16th at Port Chester HS. Kickoff is set for 1:30pm.

2017 JV Football

Head Coach: Frank Bucci
Assistant Coach: Mike Felice

# Name Position Year
Kobe Archer So
Desi Avidane So
Evan Bazel Fr
Isak Davydov So
Colin Dunne Fr
Jonah Ferraro Fr
Harrison Ginsburg Fr
Anthony Girardi So
Ethan Glynn So
Charlie Gordon Fr
Matthew Janis Fr
Henry Manna Fr
John Marinello Fr
Norick Mathias So
Fabien Mathias So
Simon Melgarejo Fr
Michael Meringolo Fr
Dirk Puleo Fr
James Shaw Fr
Zachary Weitzman So
Aidan Wohl So

* - Captains

2016 Greeley Varsity Football


2016 Greeley Junior Varsity Football


2016 Junior Varsity Football

Head Coach: Frank Bucci
Assistant Coach: Stanley Armour


# Name Position Year
88 Kobe Archer WR/DE Fr
Esaad Ashraf RB Fr
17 Desi Avidane RB Fr
15 Seth Brail QB Fr
4 Thomas Brennan RB/DE Fr
Isak Davydov DE/RB Fr
21 Kyle Flamino WR So
58 Spencer Gautney OL / LB So
30 Anthony Girardi WR Fr
20 Ethan Glynn WR Fr
66 Trevor Hanifin OL / DL So
64 Kevin Klein OL So
22 Drew Kreisler WR/DB So
2 Norick Mathias QB/DE Fr
89 Fabien Mathias WR/DB Fr
3 Christopher Melis WR/LB Fr
25 Daniel Meringolo RB/LB Fr
75 Daniel Merker OL/DL So
65 Joshua Moskow OL/DL So
24 jacob Negroni WR/DB So
70 Grant Nowatka OL So
7 Drew Priore QB Fr
6 Jacob Rose WR/S So
5 Brent Rosendorf WR/DB Fr
27 Ethan Samkoff SS So
33 Luke Smith WR So
75 Jacob Weitzman OL/DL Fr
99 Zachary Weitzman OL/DL Fr
9 J. Ryan Welch LB So
Aidan Wohl QB Fr
56 Mac Yavner OL/LB So
Daniel Xu WR Fr

* - Captains

2017 Varsity Football Schedule & Results

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
9/2 1:30 PM Spring Valley‎ HGHS Contest Field L 34-28 (OT)
9/8 7:00 PM Carmel HGHS Contest Field L 40-6 Contest Field & Track Ceremony & Celebration starts 4:30pm
9/16 1:30 PM Port Chester Port Chester HS L 30-21
9/23 7:00 PM Roy C. Ketcham HGHS Contest Field L 27-7
9/28 6:00 PM Fox Lane Fox Lane HS L 43-14
10/6 7:00 PM Ossining Ossining HS W 20-10
10/13 6:00 PM Ramapo HGHS Contest Field W 15-12
10/20 7:00 PM White Plains HGHS Contest Field W 28-26
10/26 6:00 PM Spring Valley Torne Valley Sports Complex W 16-13

2017 JV Football Schedule & Results

Last Updated 10/4/17

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
8/26 9:00AM at Westlake Westlake High School Scrimmage
9/5 4:30PM at Spring Valley East Ramapo Central School District L 26-8
9/9 9:30AM at Carmel Carmel High School L 20-0
9/16 9:15AM vs. Port Chester Contest Field L 30-0
9/25 4:30PM at Roy C. Ketcham Roy C. Ketcham High School L 40-8
10/2 4:30PM vs. Fox Lane Contest Field W 24-14
10/7 9:30AM vs. Ossining Contest Field
10/14 9:30AM vs. TBA Contest Field
10/21 9:30AM vs. TBA Contest Field

2018 JV Football Schedule & Results

Last Updated 9/1/2018 - Subject to change

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
8/25 vs. Pleasantville Contest Field Scrimmage
9/1 9:30AM at Fox Lane Fox Lane High School
9/8 9:30AM at Brewster Brewster High School
9/15 9:30AM at Walter Panas Walter Panas High School
9/22 9:30AM vs. Eastchester Contest Field
9/29 9:30AM vs. John Jay - Cross River Contest Field
10/6 9:30AM vs. Somers Contest Field