Team Resources

As the parent-volunteer organization that supports all Interscholastic Sports in our district, we provide a variety of services that assist coaches, parents and athletes as well as resources to help streamline management of the most common team activities.


 Apparel Web Store Fundraiser Program

Allows teams to simplify the creation, management and fulfillment of their web-stores by providing a turnkey structure, built-in fundraising for the sport and complimentary coach apparel for all levels of coaches in the sport.

Click HERE for details.

Varsity Team Poster Sponsorship Program

Provides Varsity teams with funding for their Team Posters while also lightening the financial sponsorship load of our local community businesses.

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  • Tax-Exempt Purchasing

Greeley Sports Boosters is a 501(c)(3) corporation so purchases made on behalf of your team, using your team’s Boosters account, are tax-exempt.

  • Cash Management

Streamlines the clerical activity associated with managing a team’s finances. Each team’s money is used solely by that team and is tracked in its own Boosters account.

Click HERE for Financial Guidelines

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  •  Weekly E-Blast

Arriving in the email inboxes of 1,200+ subscribers each Friday morning, our weekly e-blast covering Greeley teams keeps our athletic community in the know! Volunteer to be your team’s Media Liaison and we will blast your write-ups out each week.

  • Social Media Opportunities

Reach an even broader audience through Greeley Sports Boosters’ social media outlets:

Greeley Sports Boosters Facebook Page;
@Quaker_Sports on both Twitter & Instagram

 Click HERE for Team Media Liaison Guidelines and Contact Information.


  •  Team Title Championship Banners

If your team wins a league, sectional, or state championship title we will promote it with a banner on the Greeley fences. Make sure your coach reports the title win to the Athletic Director so we get the information!

  • Senior Day Recognition & Promotion

Be sure to check out our resources for honoring your team’s graduating seniors and publicizing your senior day game to help put the crowds in the stands!

Click HERE for Recognition Activity details and Contact Information.


Each team organizes their supplemental activities slightly differently. Here are a few examples of how teams allocate responsibilities:

Example Team Responsibilities Information – Football
Example Team Responsibilities Information – Boys Swimming