Girls Swimming

2018 Girls Swimming

Head Coach: Suzanne Guziec

Name Year
Madeline Adams-Miller Fr
Olivia Andrews Fr
Kaitlin Blakeslee So
Anna Callaghan So
Melissa Carousso Jr
Skylar Choi Fr
Hannah Cohen* Sr
Julie Connors Sr
Kristin Cornish So
Alessandra de la Fuente Sr
Natalia de la Fuente So
Amelia Evans Jr
Alexandra Fitzgerald So
Sydney Ford Jr
Isabella Garcia Jr
Anna Hallac So
Sarah Hubbe Fr
Ella Hulme Jr
Sabrina Johnston Fr
Sarah Kamal Sr
Arden Katz Jr
Norah Kuduk Jr
Charlotte Lerner* Sr
Erin McGetrick Jr
Amelia Monica* Sr
Maxime Munoz Fr
Grace Nadecki Fr
Isabella Paez Fr
Ella Raath Fr
Sophie Raath Sr
Elisabeth Reddy Fr
Margot Reddy Sr
Adeline Shea So
Quinn Singer Jr
Christina Tavlarakis Jr
Jessica Tsang Fr
Jolene Tsang Jr
Shana Weitzen So
Katharine Wohl So
Catherine Zhu Sr
Emma Zhu Fr

* - Captains

2018 Girls Swimming Schedule & Results

Last Updated 10/22/18

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
9/13 4:30PM at John Jay - Cross River SUNY Puchase W 101-85 Meet
9/20 4:30PM at Sleepy Hollow, Irvington, Hastings, Edgemont Marymount College W 91.5-78.5 Meet
9/25 4:30PM at The Ursuline School College of New Rochelle W 87-81 Meet
9/27 4:30PM at Fox Lane SUNY Puchase W 92-80 Meet
10/2 4:30PM at Bronxville, Tuckahoe SUNY Puchase W 93-84 Meet
10/4 4:30PM at Pelham Memorial SUNY Puchase W 99-79 Meet
10/9 4:30PM at Mamaroneck Hommocks Middle School W 96-87 Meet
Rescheduled 9/6
10/11 5:45PM at Briarcliff, Westlake, Valhalla, Pleasantville Pace University W 92.5-85.5 Meet
10/16 4:30PM at Croton, Hen Hud, Somers SUNY Puchase W 94-74 Meet
10/19 4:30PM at TBA SUNY Puchase Conference Tournament
10/20 2:00PM at TBA Mt. Kisco Boys & Girls Club Conference Tournament
10/23 4:45PM at TBA SUNY Puchase Invitational
10/29 5:00PM at TBA SUNY Puchase Sectionals
10/30 5:00PM at TBA Felix Festa Middle School Sectionals
11/1 5:00PM at TBA Felix Festa Middle School Sectionals
11/16 TBD at TBA Ithaca College NYSPHSAA Championships
11/17 TBD at TBA Ithaca College NYSPHSAA Championships

Coach: Chuck Sehulster

Sport(s) Coached Women's Swimming (assistant)
Coached at Greeley since… 1981 (softball, gymnastics, cheerleading, ski team, Men's and Women's swimming, track and field )
Athletic Background High School:  Gymnastics, Diving, Track and Field
Why did you decide to coach sports? College:  Gymnastics, Track and Field
What is the most rewarding / fun thing for you about coaching? I like working with students in things other than academics. It is great to see athletes meet and exceed their goals
Fun fact you would like to share In my 40's I pole vaulted in the Empire State Games in Buffalo, NY

2017 Girls Swimming

Head Coach: Suzanne Guziec
Assistant Coach: Chuck Sehulster
Diving: Mike Darland

Name Year
Emily Ashikari Sr
Kaitlin Blakeslee Fr
Anna Callaghan Fr
Melissa Carousso So
Eliana Cetinski So
Julia Cohen Jr
Hannah Cohen Jr
Julie Connors Jr
Kristin Cornish Fr
Isabella de Sa Sr
Gaige Elms Sr
Amelia Evans So
Alexandra Fitzgerald Fr
Sydney Ford So
ava franks So
Isabella Garcia So
Anna Hallac Fr
Ella Hulme So
Sarah Kamal So
Arden Katz So
Aimee Koestler Sr
Norah Kuduk Fr
Charlotte Lerner Jr
Frannie Maslov Sr
Erin McGetrick So
Amanda McHugh Sr
Georgia Meyer Sr
Amelia Monica Jr
Sophie Raath Jr
Margot Reddy Jr
Gwenyth Schultheiss So
Olivia Schultheiss Sr
Quinn Singer So
Elizabeth Slattery So
Christina Tavlarakis So
Jolene Tsang So
Charlotte Tucker Sr
Shana Weitzen Fr
Katharine Wohl Fr
Catherine Zhu Jr

* - Captains

2016 Girls Varsity Swimming


Section One Championships




State Championship Send Off


L to R: Kasia Malendowicz, Gaige Elms, Cate Sawkins, Amanda McHugh

Greeley Girls Swim Team 2015

Greeley Girls Swim Team 2015

Girls Swimming

Head Coach: Suzanne Guziec


Name Year
Isabel Kiesel* Sr
Vanessa Makovic Sr
Kasia Malendowicz* Sr
Cate Sawkins* Sr
Amara Schiffman* Sr
Ally Tully Sr
Margaux Weiner* Sr
Emily Ashikari Jr
Isabelle De Sa Jr
Gaige Elms Jr
Aime Koestler Jr
Francesca Maslov Jr
Amanda McHugh Jr
Georgia Meyer Jr
Olivia Schultheiss Jr
Hannah Cohen So
Julie Connors So
Amelia Monica So
Margot Reddy So
Catherine Zhu So
Melissa Carousso Fr
Eliana Cetinski Fr
Amelia Evans Fr
Sydney Ford Fr
Ava Franks Fr
Ella Hulme Fr
Sarah Kamal Fr
Arden Katz Fr
Isabella Garcia Fr
Erin McGetrick Fr
Gwyneth Schultheiss Fr
Quinn Singer Fr
Nickie Sophonpanich Fr
Christina Tavlarakis Fr
Jolene Tsang Fr

* - Captains
# - Manager

Girls Swimming 9th at State Championships


L to R: Kasia Malendowicz, Gaige Elms, Cate Sawkins, Amanda McHugh

The Greeley Girls Swimming Team finished in 9th place out of 89 teams at the NYSPHSAA Swim Championships.

6 swimmers traveled to Ithaca College this past week to compete as part of the Section 1 team. Cate Sawkins and Kasia Malendowicz each made finals in both of their individual events.

Sawkins, who was elected Captain by her Section 1 teammates, finished in 9th place in the 100 back and 26th place in the 100 fly. Malendowicz finished 5th in the 500 free and 13th in the 200 free. Freshman Ava Franks took 19th in the 100 breaststroke.

The 400 Free Relay of Sawkins, Amanda McHugh, Gaige Elms and Malendowicz took 9th and the 200 Medley Relay team of Sawkins, Franks, McHugh and Margaux Weiner took 10th.

Rochester's Pittsford-Sutherland (Section 5) took home the team title.

Big thank you to Christine Hagan for all the score reporting from the weekend.

2017 Girls Varsity Swimming Schedule & Results

Last Updated 9/27/17

Date Time Opponent Location Result Notes
9/12 4:30PM vs. Pelham Memorial Purchase College L 97-88 Meet
9/14 4:30PM vs Croton/ HenHud /Somers Mildred Strang MS W 53-37 Meet
9/19 4:30PM vs. Westlake / Briarcliff / Pleasantville / Valhalla Purchase College L 95-90 Meet
9/25 4:30PM vs. Fox Lane Purchase College W 99-85 Meet
9/26 4:30PM vs. Bronxville, Tuckahoe Purchase College Meet
10/3 4:45PM vs. Sleepy Hollow Purchase College Meet
10/5 4:30PM vs. The Ursuline School Purchase College Meet
10/12 4:30PM at Clarkstown North Felix Festa Middle School Meet
10/17 4:30PM vs. Mamaroneck Purchase College Meet

2015 States

Here are the highlights of the NYS Public (and Catholic) HS Girls Swim Championships:

Greeley 7th Overall
200 Medley Relay 2nd place, New section 1 record of 1:47.13, All-American Consideration time (Cate Sawkins, Isabella Weiner, Emma Hadley, Rachel Hellman).
Emma Hadley 2nd place 100 fly All American Consideration
2nd place 100 back Automatic All American
Kasia Malendowicz 10th place 500 free and 21st place 200 free
Amanda McHugh 16th place 100 fly
Cate Sawkins 23rd place 100 back
400 free relay 12th place (Rachel Hellman, Nicole DiGiacomo, Cate Sawkins, Emma Hadley)
200 free relay 22nd place (Isabella Weiner, Margaux Weiner, Nicole DiGiacomo, Laura Li)

Congratulations to all. A link to the event website with times, etc. is here.

Girls Swimming Wins 4th Straight Section 1 Swimming Championship

On Tuesday, November 2, 2015, the Girls beat 30 teams in Section 1 with a score of 272 to win the Section 1 Championship. Ursuline came in second (222) with Fox Lane in third (218).

Emma Hadley was Section 1 Champion in 100 Fly 55.84 with her time an All-American Consideration also resetting her 100 fly Greeley record.

Emma Hadley was also the Section 1 Champion for the fourth year in 100 back 54.62, an automatic All-American time, also lowering her Greeley backstroke record.

Top 8 finalists:
Cate Sawkins 200 free and 100 5th place in both.
Rachel Hellman 50 free and 100 free 6th place in both.
Amanda McHugh 100 fly 4th place.
Kasia Malendowicz 500 free 6th place.
Isabella Weiner 100 breaststroke 8th place.

Top 16 finalists:
Gaige Elms 200 free and 100 9th place in both.
Nicole DiGiacomo 200 free and 100 free 10th place in both.
Isabella Weiner 200 IM 10th place.
Laura Li 50 free 15th place.
Amanda McHugh 100 back 13th place.

The 200 medley relay of Emma Hadley, Isabella Weiner, Amanda McHugh and Laura Li set a new Greeley record and placed second at the meet (1:47.56).

The 400 freestyle relay of Rachel Hellman, Nicole DiGiacomo, Cate Sawkins and Emma Hadley placed third.

The 200 freestyle relay of Rachel Hellman, Laura Li, Nicole DiGiacomo and Isabella Weiner placed fifth.

These girls plus Margaux Weiner as a relay swimmer will be traveling to Ithaca NY on Nov. 20-21 to compete in the New York State Championships.

Story in the Daily Voice.


Greeley defeated rival Fox Lane in one of their more strongly contented meets of the season. The meet started with medley relay of Kate Sawkins, Isabella Weiner, Emma Hadley and Rachel Hellman qualifying for NY State Championship. In individual events, Kasia Melendowitz and Sawkins qualified in the 200 freestyle and Hadley and Sawkins qualified in the 100 backstroke.

Event Section I Standard State Qualify
200 Medley Relay 1/Team 1/Sect (1:52.35)
200 Freestyle 2:06.74 1:57.24
200 Individal Medley 2:21.73 2:12.84
50 Freestyle 26.4 :24.84
Diving 180.00 pts* 440.00
100 Butterfly 1:03.17 1:00.02
100 Freestyle 58.22 :54.36
500 Freestyle 5:36.03 5:14.65
200 Freestyle Relay 1/Team 1/Sect (1:41.69)
100 Backstroke 1:04.76 1:00.42
100 Breaststroke 1:14.22 1:08.60
400 Feestyle Relay 1/Team 1/Sect (3:42.73)

2016 Girls Varsity Swimming Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Opponent(s) Results
9/8 5:30PM at White Plains High School White Plains
9/15 4:30PM at Mildred Strang MS Yorktown
9/16 4:30PM at Purchase College Port Chester
9/20 4:30PM at Purchase College Scarsdale
9/21 5:15PM at Purchase College Briarcliff, Pleasantville, Valhalla, Westlake
9/22 4:30PM at Purchase College White Plains
9/27 4:30PM at New Rochelle High School New Rochelle
9/29 4:30PM at Hommocks Middle School Mamaroneck
9/30 4:45PM at Westchester Comm. College Briarcliff
10/6 4:30PM at Purchase College The Ursuline School
10/7 4:30PM at Ossining Community Center Ossining
10/18 4:30PM at Purchase College Fox Lane
10/21 5:00PM at Purchase College TBA (Conf. Tourney)
10/22 9:00AM at White Plains High School White Plains (Conf. Tourney)

Do you have verifiable results that are not posted here? If so, please email and "cc:" your coach and the Athletic Director

Section One Swimming & Diving Championships

Greeley's Swimmin' Women finished 3rd overall at last night's Section 1 Swim & Dive Championships. Cate Sawkins won the 100 Backstroke and Kasia Malendowicz took third in the 500 Freestyle. The Relay Team of Sawkins, Malendowicz, Gaige Elms and Amanda McHugh took 2nd place in the 400 Free Relay.

Individual Finalists:

Cate Sawkins
1st Place - 100 Back*
5th Plae - 100 Fly*

Kasia Malendowicz
3rd Place - 500 Free*
4th Place - 200 Free*

Ava Franks
5th Place - 100 Breast*
9th Place - 100 Free

Amanda McHugh
6th Place - 100 Fly*

Gaige Elms
9th Place - 200 Free

Relay Finalists:

200 Medley Relay - 4th Place*
Sawkins/Franks/McHugh/Margaux Weiner

200 Free Relay - 5th Place
Ally Tully/Weiner/Franks/Malendowicz

400 Free Relay - 2nd Place*

* - Qualifies for State Championships beginning 11/17 in Ithaca, NY