Athletic Staff Bios

Athletic Trainer: Rachel Marino

Sport Covered As the Athletic Trainer, I cover all sports at Horace Greeley
Been at Greeley since… 2013
Education and Credentials MAT, LAT, ATC
New York State licensed Athletic Trainer and BOC Certified Athletic Trainer
B.S. Hofstra University, Athletic Training
M.A. Sacred Heart University, Teaching
Athletic Background I swam competitively through high school, but gave it up in college to focus on my Athletic Training Degree
Why did you decide to be an Athletic Trainer? I blame my brothers for my career choice! I have two older brothers, who played every sport possible- most of my childhood memories revolve around the sidelines of some sporting event. It only seems fitting that most of my adult life is spent on the sidelines as well.
What is the most rewarding / fun thing about your role? I love my job- I love helping athletes. I hate the days I am busy- because it means many of our students are getting hurt, but there is little that is more rewarding then helping an athlete get back on the field after recovering from an injury. I try to treat every student athlete as I would want someone to treat my own children!
Any fun fact you would like to share? I am an avid runner, when I am not at work; I am constantly either training for or recovering from a race! Fall 2017 I will be training for my first ever NYC marathon!