Student Reporters and Photographers

We’re looking for students who are interested in creating content for the web site. If you are attending a game of any level (Varsity, JV or Freshman, Modified 7th & 8th), we welcome you to submit content that meets our guidelines:

  • Written Game Summaries
  • Game Photos
  • Short Video Clips

Guidelines for Content Submission:

Photos and Video:
Name the athlete(s) in the photo and a sentence around the situation and the game, cite jersey # if applicable. Include team, level (Varsity, JV, 9th), date of game and opposing school.

Game Summaries:
Your summary should include:
– Greeley Team Playing (Sport and Level)
– Opposing School
– Date and Location
– Score / Result(s)
In your story, keep things fact based. Ex: if covering soccer, cite accomplishments like goals, assists, saves, corner kicks. Please don’t write “John Doe or Jane Doe played great,” as that is an opinion.

How to submit your content:
Content should be submitted via email to Greeley Sports Boosters, click here for email address

All submissions are subject to review and editorial discretion of Greeley Sports Boosters. If your content is published, we will credit you as the author.

If you have additional questions, email us here