Mission Statement


A thriving athletic community centered on high-quality athletic programs and comprised of students, student-athletes, coaches, administrators, parents and community members.


Greeley Sports Boosters works to encourage enhance and support all interscholastic athletic programs at Horace Greeley High School and the modified programs at Bell and Seven Bridges Middle Schools.


Develop and sustain an organization with an active and involved membership that is concerned with the total athletic program and all of its participants.

Enrich the student-athlete experience by actively working with the Administration, Athletic Department and PTA to help bring value-building athletic programs to as many students as possible through playing and through the association with a team.

Foster school spirit and sportsmanship while organizing and strengthening the athletic community.

Conduct all of the above in a manner consistent with district policy, the Athletic Department philosophy and our organization’s bylaws.


Harness technology to maximize our efforts in all areas.

Raise funds to enable programs, media, events, recognition and gifts to the schools and athletic department.

Allocate funds towards projects, programs and gifts that benefit as many athletes as possible.

Build awareness of both Greeley Sports Boosters and Greeley athletes to increase membership, expand athletic participation and celebrate athletic achievements.

Forge active relationships and engage in ongoing communication with coaches, parents, athletes, administrators and the community.