Board and Committee Members

Directors and Officers for the 2018-2019 School Year

President Laura Brail
Vice President – Strategic Planning Jennifer Bergin
Treasurer Cindy Greenstein
Secretary Amanda Goodstadt
Chief Technology Officer and Webmaster Jeff Dorst
Board Member At Large Heather Lafortezza
Board Member At Large Karen Yarasavage

CCSD Representatives to Greeley Sports Boosters

Athletic Director Jason Semo
Board of Education Representative Jane Shepardson

Committee Chairs

Member Communications Chair Lori Townsend
Marketing Communications Co-Chair Laura Brail
Marketing Communications Co-Chair Julia Burton
Athletics Communications Chair Julia Burton
Champions Co-Chair Marla Shar
Champions Co-Chair Karen Yarasavage
Spirit Events Co-Chair Marla Shar
Spirit Events Co-Chair Karen Yarasavage
Senior Athlete Banquet Co-Chair Linda Jbara
Senior Athlete Banquet Co-Chair Lori Venturino
Modified & Youth Sports Outreach Chair Jennifer Bergin

Modified & Youth Sports Liaisons

Bell Middle School Liaison Lisa Dunleavy
Seven Bridges Middle School Liaison Amanda Goodstadt
Seven Bridges Middle School Liaison Samantha Potack
CYSC Liaison Stacey Reynolds
GYL Liaison Stu Tainsky
NCYSBA Liaison Lisa Dunleavy