Board and Committee Members

Officers and Directors for the 2021-2022 School Year


President Jennifer Bergin email Jennifer
Executive Vice President Mike Rose email Mike
Vice President, Marketing Julie Balber email Julie
Treasurer Missy Cohen email missy
Secretary Amanda Goodstadt email Amanda
Chief Technology Officer Jeff Dorst email Jeff


Director of Membership Samantha Potack email Samantha
Director of Fundraising Bonnie Berg email Bonnie
Director of Modified and Youth Sports Stacey Reynolds email Stacey
Director of Team Services Elyse Falk email Elyse

For general inquiries, please email us here

CCSD Representatives to Greeley Sports Boosters

Director of Physical Education and Athletics Geoff Curtis
Board of Education Representative Jane Shepardson

Chairs and Key Contacts for 2021-2022

Weekly E-Blast Editors Mike Hutchings
Mike Rose
Heather Wohl
email the Weekly E-Blast Team
Assistant Technology Officer Alex Goldstein
Senior Athlete Dinner Kristen Mancini
Danae Richards
Poster Sponsorship Program Karen Yarasavage
Team Champion Banner Coordinator Karen Yarasavage
Team Services Committee Elyse Falk
Community Programs Committee Suzanne Lodge
Joanna Nadel
Fundraising Committee Bonnie Berg
Graphic Design Julie Balber
Nominating Committee Amanda Goodstadt

Modified & Youth Sports Liaisons

Bell Middle School Liaison TBD
Seven Bridges Middle School Liaison Tamara Brolin