Past & Future Projects

In working toward our goals, here is a highlight of some of our prior accomplishments:

  • Publishing of a weekly sports spotlight
  • Hosting the homecoming tailgate
  • Selling of spirit merchandise
  • Establishing the team Liason Program to better communicate with teams and the community
  • Hosting an ACL injury and prevention night
  • Purchasiong eight, giant Spirit Banners for the fields
  • Reviving the Athletic Honor Board
  • Opening the concession stand in conjuction with the VIP Club
  • Purchasing a portable speaker system
  • Hosting an Athlete Walkathon in support of youth cancer research
  • Hosting the Senior Athlete Dinner
  • Organizing congratulatory events for athletes going to state level competition with the Superintendent, Principal, Athletic Director and Coaches
  • Hosting the Annual Coaches Appreciation Event
  • Working with Greeley sports alumni

Our new fundraising goals include:

  1. Replacing the scoreboard in the main gym
  2. Modernizing the team banners in the gym
  3. Enhancing the baseball and softball experience for players
  4. Establishing a strong alumni