Mission Statement

Horace Greeley Sports Boosters is the parent support organization for all interscholastic sports at Horace Greeley High School. We work closely with the Chappaqua Central School District’s Athletic Department and administration and represent every athlete, team and sport.

Our mission is to encourage student participation in athletics, enhance the athlete and team experience and foster school and community spirit.

Over the last four years, Greeley Sports Boosters has worked tirelessly to organize, strengthen and brand ourselves to better serve our Greeley athletes and our community. We have formed and exciting partnership with the Administration, Athletic Department and PTA in which we support each other and work toward a common goal to enhance every student athlete’s Greeley experience.

We support the Horace Greeley Athletic Department philosophy: the interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the district’s educational program. Through athletics, students experience dedication and self-discipline. Making a commitment to a team helps to nurture integrity, pride, loyalty and overall character. Carrying these values throughout life can help make our students better citizens.

The purpose of Greeley athletics is to build strong minds, bodies and skills that promote leadership, ethical character and a sense of community, with an understanding that athletic participation is part of the high school educational experience that inspires lifelong personal conduct at the highest possible level through the commitment to excellence, fairness and respect.